Friday, October 11, 2013

Pelagic Poetry

Son Matt, and brother Tom visited for four fabulous fun days of flats fishing.  (Alliteration!)  It was wonderful, soothing, beautiful, exciting, trying and all in all good times.  Fish, motor the boat up to a dock, tie it up, hop off, sit down in a restaurant or bar on the water, have a Kalik and conch fritters and yammer about the day.  All good.  I live in a very special, and very beautiful place and as my husband, H-bomb says, "who lives like this?" 

Our last day was spent in the lower Keys fishing for Permit.  The water was slicked out calm as we headed out during a spectacular sunrise.   The area we visited is especially lovely with sandy bottom and crystal clear water.  Small mangrove islands surrounding us and nothing but blue sky and water.  But, Tom and I absolutely failed at the casting.  Poor Matt, sitting high on his poling platform spotted fish after fish and could we get the cast next to their nose.  NO!  It was pathetic.  And this type of fishing isn't sitting with a pole and line in the water waiting for your bobber to make some noise.  This is standing, searching and sighting fish and then ever so carefully trying to land the perfect cast so that they are not spooked and will grab the bait and then take off like a torpedo.  MAJOR FAIL on our part!

We got so slap happy that we began creating lines of poetry about our adventures.  Then, the push pole snapped, Matt fell off of the platform into the drink and the fishing was over.  We lolled about enjoying the beauty and headed to the No Name Pub on Big Pine Key to end a perfect fishing vacation with a pizza and beers.

I received an email from brother Tom with a poem he had completed about our fishing days.  I will share for those of you who love to fish and can appreciate it.